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Our college years are foundational in shaping our future but can be one of the most turbulent and stressful times in our lives if we have insufficient support. Carson learned this firsthand after extensive formal education that included over 14 years of college experience in a variety of settings. Imagine having the benefit of a licensed therapist with a wealth of life, career, and educational experiences to walk through the process with the student in your family! Clients will complete a detailed intake process to assess strengths, challenges, and goals. Then a custom support program will be developed to integrate with the student's class and life schedule. This will include regular telephone, text, telehealth, and in-person coaching sessions to help guide them through the storms of college. Please note, this service is not available to all clients and is not covered by insurance. Please Get in Touch today to discuss whether or not you qualify for this premium service!

Packages start at $1000/mo

Educational Support, Mentorship, & Coaching

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