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Spending time in and around the beautiful Pacific Ocean is one of life's great pleasures. It is also one of the most therapeutic places to continue the healing process. The beaches of San Diego and La Jolla offer a healthy retreat from the stresses of city life and a tangible connection to the basic elements of sea, sun, sand, and sky. Together, we can embark on a casual stroll or find a good place to sit and allow the sounds of the water to soothe our spirits as we explore whatever comes to mind. We can practice various mindfulness techniques while the sun warms our skin and heals the pain of the past. We can guide each other through what we've learned about grounding ourselves in the moment or discuss goals for the future. These walks can be a powerful way to meaningfully reconnect with nature while we practice accessing our highest selves. Walk & Talk sessions are  weather-dependent and are not  billable for certain insurance plans. Please Get in Touch today to schedule an intake!

Walk & Talk Therapy: $325 / 90 min

Walk & Talk/Nature-Based Therapy

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