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Recovery-Based Coaching
& Support


Recovery-based coaching with a licensed clinician is the next level of individualized support for adults who are 100% committed to maintaining complete abstinence from alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Carson started his own recovery journey in 1997 after suffering the effects of addiction in his family and personal life. He has since become an expert in the field of addiction treatment with many connections in the treatment and recovery community.  Clients will complete a detailed intake process to assess strengths, challenges, and goals. Then a custom support program will be developed to integrate with your personal recovery process. This will include regular telephone, text, telehealth, and in-person coaching sessions to help guide you through the storms of life in sobriety. Please note, this service is not available to all clients and is not covered by insurance. Please Get in Touch today to discuss whether or not you qualify for this premium service!

Packages start at $2500/mo

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