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Feeling lost and overwhelmed?

Are the waves of life crashing all around you?

You are not alone and there is hope. 



In-person Therapy
Online Therapy
Walk & Talk/Nature-Based Therapy
Educational Support & Mentoring
Addiction Recovery Treatment & Support
Problem Gambling Treatment

Pacific: "of a peaceful nature or disposition; mild; tranquil; calm."

Life brings waves and storms for each of us, but a peaceful,
'Pacific State' is attainable when we reach out for help to weather them.

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New PST Logo.png

Carson Jaffrey, LCSW 

 Seeking help for many of us is not easy. I know through personal experience this is an ongoing process we cannot do alone. Grief, desperation, and self-inflicted suffering brought me to the point of reaching out for help many years ago and soon the seas began to calm. As life came into balance and my spirit healed, guiding others out of the storm into peaceful waters became my mission. If you or your loved ones are drowning in the suffering caused by problem gambling, substance use, relationship conflict, grief, depression, anxiety, or trauma, look no further.  I possess a wealth of personal and professional experience in all these areas. At your pace, we will create a plan of action tailored specifically to your needs employing common-sense solutions and evidence-based treatment modalities.

Life is short and precious so time is of the essence. Whether through me or another therapist, please connect soon. A more peaceful, Pacific State awaits.

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Therapeutic Services

Telehealth Therapy
In the comfort of your own space!
Information and Rates

Walk & Talk/Nature-Based Therapy

At the beaches, parks, and overlooks of 

San Diego and La Jolla, CA

Information and Rates

In-Person Therapy

Face to face support & genuine connection. 
Information and Rates

Educational Support and Mentoring

For students navigating the storms of college while laying foundations for the future!

Information and Rates

Recovery Support and Mentoring

Navigating sobriety is much easier with regular access to a therapist with decades of experience in recovery. Daily, weekly, and crisis support is available!

Information and Rates

Problem Gambling Treatment

Sliding scale therapy (including $0) may be available for CA residents with a gambling problem and those affected by them.

Information and Rates

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Insurance Accepted: 

United HC

More Information

Get in Touch! 

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Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch shortly!

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